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Jul 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
loans. just as 7 million college students began filling out applications for the fall. harry reid and john boehner squared off again on student loans. >> the house has done its job. it's students that are going to pay the price when they see the interest rate on their loans doubling. >> balance the budget on the backs of struggling students. >> how republicans hold the keys to the fate of both immigration reform and the farm bill. on immigration, the senate plans that couples who promise a path to citizenship with increased border security is a nonstarter with house conservatives who favor a piecemeal approve. >> the speaker, john boehner is in a very weak position with his band of very extreme conservatives who have little interest in making concessions. >> the fate of the five-year half a trillion dollar farm bill is uncertain. conservatives want cuts in the almost $80 billion a year food stamp program. which along with farm subsidy programs expires at the end of september. >> a large part of that bill, and it's been estimated as much as 80%, may be allocated to funding food sta
Jul 9, 2013 6:00pm EDT
, but senate majority leader harry reid said the pressure is building. >> he is saying the bipartisan bill that we've done he is not going to touch that. well, we're going to continue to press. the american people, the vast majority of the american people-- democrats and republicans-- support what we did. >> sreenivasan: we'll have more on immigration later in the program tonight. the death toll has risen to 15 in saturday's fiery train wreck in canada. officials said 50 people are still missing in the small town in quebec. they also announced they've opened a criminal investigation into what caused the wreck but gave no details. canada's largest city tried to dry out today after nearly four inches of rain triggered flash floods last night. the severe storm that hit toronto left at least 300,000 people without power. the city's downtown core was dotted with cars that people abandoned as the water rose. the subway system was also swamped, with many metro stations under water. one double-decker commuter train stalled in the flood, trapping about 1,400 passengers during the evening rush hour.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2